The Story Behind the Knot...

Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting my Sweet Noggins website. Please explore, enjoy, and smile!

I have been creating and marketing Sweet Noggins hats for ten years. My custom hat designs and interpretations mirror my personality—fun and stylish, sometimes whimsical, always colorful and unique.

I am influenced by the unexpected: the bling of a vintage brooch, the color palette of a favorite T-shirt, or the feel of a chenille bedspread. I am often inspired by the yarn itself. The texture of the fiber or the luscious color pattern can lead me to surprising places. I am amazed how often, somewhere between initial idea and finished product, my work takes an unplanned, interesting detour. I love happy accidents!

My forte is the final accessorizing of my hats, finding the magical piece which makes the creation pop! A stunning color in the topper, a beautiful ribbon embellishment, or a tiny secret decoration in an unexpected place.

My grandmother was a prolific knitter. I remember knitting needles quietly click-clacking in her hands as she created an enduring treasure for a family member. When she died, I inherited her incredible stash of knitting supplies. To this day, I am inspired by my Grandma Helen…and I still knit with her needles!

When I create my extraordinary Sweet Noggins hats, my goal is to produce a charming piece of art which will be cherished forever as a keepsake.

I’d be honored to design a custom Sweet Noggins hat for an extraordinary kid in your life. Let’s get started!

Dorothy Sweet

Sweet Noggins

Extraordinary hats for extraordinary kids